Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SmartSkim Introduces New Portable Coolant Recycler

SmartSkim, the global leader in oil separation and coolant recycling is proud to announce a new weapon in the battle of coolant maintenance. The Sump Caddy is SmartSkim’s new portable unit that can be easily moved between machines to clean coolant on the fly. This new unit is an effective recycling system, using modern and reliable technology to separate and remove tramp oils and filter small fines from coolants.

The Sump Caddy was designed to facilitate ease of use while still providing all of the capabilities on a smaller scale of the larger SmartSkim Recycling Systems to clean up the most contaminated machine tool sumps. The system includes a mild steel, 60 gallon processing tank with the industry leading coalescing technology and trusted performance that is expected from SmartSkim products.

Extend the life of your expensive machining coolants, reduce the costs of hauling off spent coolants, improve your tool life and eliminate odors associated with contaminated coolants.

Watch the Sump Caddy in action on YouTube at: