Friday, November 5, 2010

SmartSkim Magnetic Filters extend tool life and reduce costs for coolant filtering

Do sumps filled with sludge and swarf have you gasping for air? Breathe easier with a SmartSkim magnetic filtering system. Save money, save wear and tear on your tools, and help the environment all at the same time.

The SmartSkim high-power neodymium rare-earth magnetic filtering system will remove the metal fines in your coolant, and the potentially rancid bacteria they create, and your sludge will become one less conern for your operations and your workers.

Keeping coolant clean can be a daunting task. As coolant runs through machinery, it naturally picks up metal fines and other scrap. If left unfiltered, sludge and swarf will accumulate at the bottom of your sumps.

Removing sludge from sumps is a laborious, time-consuming and frankly, distasteful task. Costs for the process add up quickly: production stops and old coolant must be removed before cleaning the sump. After the sludge is removed, it must be collected, transported and disposed.

SmartSkim has worked with hundreds of machining shops to provide our in-line rare-earth magnets that attack the small fines in your slurry before it becomes sludge or swarf.

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