Friday, December 23, 2011

SmartSkim at BOI Fair in Thailand

SmartSkim is pleased to announce that it's Coolant Recycling Equipment will be on display at the 2011 BOI Fair located in Bangkok, Thailand. Originally scheduled for November, the BOI Fair was rescheduled due to the massive flooding that occurred throughout Thailand. The BOI Fair will now be held January 5-20, 2012, at the Impact Muang Thong Thani Exhibition Pavilion. SmartSkim is very pleased to be part of this important event.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SmartSkim Introduces New Portable Coolant Recycler

SmartSkim, the global leader in oil separation and coolant recycling is proud to announce a new weapon in the battle of coolant maintenance. The Sump Caddy is SmartSkim’s new portable unit that can be easily moved between machines to clean coolant on the fly. This new unit is an effective recycling system, using modern and reliable technology to separate and remove tramp oils and filter small fines from coolants.

The Sump Caddy was designed to facilitate ease of use while still providing all of the capabilities on a smaller scale of the larger SmartSkim Recycling Systems to clean up the most contaminated machine tool sumps. The system includes a mild steel, 60 gallon processing tank with the industry leading coalescing technology and trusted performance that is expected from SmartSkim products.

Extend the life of your expensive machining coolants, reduce the costs of hauling off spent coolants, improve your tool life and eliminate odors associated with contaminated coolants.

Watch the Sump Caddy in action on YouTube at:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SmartSkim Retrofits Existing Equipment

Do you have an oil water separator that you don’t use to its capacity due to poor skimming techniques? Do you have a coolant recycling system that has been abandoned due to the centrifuge or coalescer not working or requiring too much ongoing maintenance? With the assistance of our SmartSkim technologies, you can greatly enhance existing equipment and make it a productive part of your facility again.

“As customers come to us looking for solutions to remove contaminants from their industrial fluids, we often find that they already have equipment in their facility that could be used in creating a solution with the assistance of some retrofitting from our technology,” commented Bill Gimbel, V.P. of Sales for SmartSkim. “We make the best skimmers and separators in the industry. However, if a customer has already invested in a previous piece of equipment, they usually don’t want to completely walk away from that investment. Oftentimes they end up buying our skimmer to use with the separator that they purchased elsewhere. While we would have preferred to sell them the entire SmartSkim system, we know that they are now utilizing their previous investment. When they go to buy that next oil water separator system, they will come to SmartSkim for the entire package. This also fits into our philosophy of having long-term relationships with our customers.”

In addition to bringing life to underutilized oil water separators, SmartSkim has done extensive work with equipment used to recycle machining coolants. SmartSkim has been able to re-start systems that were shut-down due to the high cost of maintenance. Coolant recycling systems with centrifuge technology often sit idle due to a maintenance staff’s inability to keep up with the constant cleaning requirements of centrifuges. “We’ll replace the centrifuge with our low maintenance, all stainless steel coalescer. Customers notice no real change in performance, but a significant reduction in maintenance,” commented Gimbel. “We also have rare-earth magnetic products that do a great job of removing metallic fines. Metallic fines can do extensive damage to tooling if not removed from dirty coolant. Many older recycling systems were built prior to today’s rare-earth technologies.”

To find out more information about SmartSkim and their products, check out their website at or call them at 1-800-663-2167.

Friday, April 22, 2011

SmartSkim Annouces Asia Pacific Partnership

SmartSkim announced a partnership with C.S. Engineering of Thailand to promote and sell it's coolant recycling systems through the Asia Pacific region. "C.S. Engineering will be both a user and distributor of our coolant recycling systems. C.S. Engineering visited our operations and customers in U.S. and was extremely impressed with the results that our systems provide," commented Mark Kluis, CEO of SmartSkim.

SmartSkim is headquartered in Madison, WI.

Monday, February 28, 2011

SmartSkim Brings on European Distributor

SmartSkim is pleased to announce the addition of European Filter Solutions Ltd. as their new distributor for Europe. European Filter Solutions is located in Doncaster, UK, and is headed up by Bill Dawson, a veteran in the filtration industry. "We are pleased to have Mr. Dawson and his organization representing our product line in Europe," commented Mark Kluis, CEO of SmartSkim. "Their organization works with many local and multi-national companies that have a tremendous need in their operations for our products."

European Filter Solutions will sell SmartSkim's line of coolant recycling systems, oil-water separators, and floating suction skimmers.

European Filter Solutions can be reached at +44 (0)1302 746545